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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bye Bye Peter Pan Can

Just FYI...

The nanny threw it away so I guess no one won.

Friday, May 27, 2005

What's The Deal With My Fair City?

First, there was the tragedy of Brian Nichols.

Then a very strange woman named Jennifer Wilbanks came along. Did I mention she was a very strange woman?

Now, this Carl Roland yahoo takes a crane hostage. I personally liked his sister's quote when police negotiators asked her "help" in getting him down. From the AJC: "Sugarfoot, it's your baby sister, please come down," the woman screamed, visibly upset. Tawana Roland, of southwest Atlanta, said she has not seen her brother in years. Sugarfoot. Nice.

Also from the AJC: "The standoff was the talk of Atlanta, with radio stations making hay of the event. The morning crew at 790 The Zone mused about the need for snipers to end the drama." Now, we're talking!

I remember when Ted Turner, Jerry Glanville, and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes were the only black eyes on my fair mother land. Seems they all have company now in the land of the bizarre we affectionately refer to as Atlanta...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Treasure of Peter Pan...

Peanut Butter, that is. Being back here in Russia is bringing back some old and funny habits. For instance, neither I nor my wife dares to throw away the Peter Pan Peanut Butter jar here. We brought one big jar with us. We've nipped on it to the point that very, very little remains. It's funny though that neither of us will throw the jar away. It's like neither of us wants to be one to toss it when "there was another full snack in there" or something.

This has gone unspoken between us for a few days now but I am aware of Traci's scheme. She wants me to be the bad guy who tossed this gleaming pearl of Americana that is our peanut butter. Three days and counting. I will NOT give in...

Updates to follow and NO we can't just go and buy another jar. They don't sell it here so that is why a) we brought it and b) we are careful to use it all and I mean all before throwing the jar away.

Stay tuned (if your life is that boring)...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Home Again

Well, we're back in Novosibirsk for the summer. Walking into our apartment on Monday morning with my family was an answered prayer. Leaving last August was necessary and a decision none of us regret. Having a whole summer to be here again with our whole family is necessary and is also a decision none of us regret. In a sense, we left home on Saturday in Atlanta. In another sense, we got home on Monday morning when we walked back into this apartment. In yet another sense, we are still not sure where home will be. I can't figure it out really. It's just that way.

I have the greatest sons in the world. People are in awe of how well we travel together. I guess it is just because they are so used to it but we did two 7 plus hour flights with little more than a whine or two. Everything went great. As good as my boys are, my wife is even better. Right down to the snacks and toys, they have in their respective carry ons all the goodies they need for a trip half way around the world.

Siberia in May is beautiful. Green is starting to burst forth, temps are in the 60's and 70's and everyone is thrilled that the winter is behind them. My boys were hoping to see some snow on the ground when we landed. It suited me to fine to see none.

My dear friend, Chris, set me up with a wireless router a few months ago that I had sent here to Novosibirsk with a friend who was coming. Alex, another dear friend (I've got a ton of dear friends...I'm very blessed) who lives in our place while we don't, set up a wireless network here in our flat. From dial up to wireless ethernet in one calender year...and in the middle of Siberia no less. Not bad at all.

That'll do for now. Just wanted to say we're here and ready for a fantastic summer in front of us...

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"Never Underestimate the Power of...

Stupid people in large groups."

Just one of countless wise words to be found at I've been laughing for about 2 hours reading this stuff. Be sure and visit the Disservice page and pay close attention to the customer no service agent and what she is doing. Pretty funny...