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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I've been out of the blog mindset for a while...a long while. Not that anyone noticed but I've been out of it anyway.

I need to vent about haircuts in Gwinnett Lilburn/Norcross. When I lived in Russia, I got the best, I mean the best, haircuts from a "master stylist" and paid about $6. This included a wash, cut, style, blow dry and sometimes another wash once the hair was cut. I got used to a lot of quality for a little money. Funny thing is that I describe what kind of cut I want in Russian and, while my Russian is ok, it is far from perfect.

The vent issue comes when I come back to America/Atlanta/Gwinnett County/Lilburn/Norcross. In my first language, English, I seem totally unable to describe what kind of style I want. It never fails that I end up with a military looking buzz of some sort when that is light years from what I am envisioning.

It hit me today that most every place I frequent in the U.S. for a haircut has stylists who speak English only as a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th language. Maybe this is the problem. No matter what I say to the Hispanic lady, the Vietnamese lady, or the Tiawanese lady, I end up with a Gomer Pyle looking do. Not good. What to do???

Maybe I need to find a Russian stylist here in the U.S. and explain in Russian what I want. Somethings got to give. If you read this and see me in the next few days, please try and hold back your laughter. I will be very thankful if you'll do that for me.

Vent finished...

Friday, March 11, 2005

A Webcam (thankfully) Like No Other

In the ongoing quest to finding the oddest use of the internet, I gladly present to you the Antarctica Webcam for the Observation of Penguin Mating Habits.

Pour yourself a cup of Joe, pull up a chair and click refresh once every 30 minutes (or get a life and do something useful instead)...