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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Golden Compass

Am I the only one who has received the warning email about the movie "The Golden Compass" 5,132 times? Enough already people! I filter everything I and my children watch. Nothing I get emailed to me with a "Fwd; Re: Fwd: re; fwd: Re: re: Re; Re;" on it is going to even be opened up and read much less affect my belief about a movie. I sincerely hope that everyone makes these decisions on their own based on their own personal research and Biblical convictions.
I did receive today though quite a different take on the book and movie. I offer it here only as a rebuttal to all of the other views I've seen expressed about it. This comes from a noted Christian Children's author and singer who, by the way, passes muster on my filter every single time. Here what she says:
Hi all,I've read all three books in this series and found them to be over-the-top fantasy, very engaging, yet unbelievable at places. I've also read interviews with the author, and, yes, he's out to "kill God" as he understands God. In the books, God "shows up" in the last battle scene as a decrepit old man, carried on a stretcher if my memory serves me correctly. Very unbelievable to anyone who has any idea of God at all. By definition, his portrayal of God cannot fit any definition of God for any religion. I believe Pullman (the author) is really out to kill the iconic God he found in what he experienced as the hypocritical aspects of Catholicism. I was sad that he didn't know the true God, but I was not surprised that he would try to kill his understanding of God. The books are well-written, great fantasy reading, and all they are is fantasy. I don't think they'll do any real harm for those who know God. His God is nothing like the real thing, so he won't fool anyone. And maybe he'll get a lot of people talking about the real God. A "good try," but a sad attempt for Satan, who only ends up stirring the pot so God can show up real and powerful and more loving than ever. Much love to you all, Karyn
It's very interesting what can be combatted not merely by censure but but equipping ourselves and our kids to know truth and distinguish it from that which is not true. I'm not perfect in that quest for sure but that sure is my goal.