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Monday, February 23, 2009

You go Hank!


Monday, February 02, 2009

Back up and runnning

Actually, just walking really fast up hills these days. The bouncing of running is a killer on the shoulder but I'm 75% back to well thank God! I should be ready for Opening Day in my back yard with the boys in mid April.

A funny thing happened this morning while quickly walking up a set of steep inclines. I just started counting my steps for a while. It gets my mind off how bad my calves and hammies hurt. I walked at a pace of 20 steps (sometimes 21 but never less than 20 or more than 21) per 10 seconds. Not counting a brief warm up and cool down I walked like this for 45 minutes. 17 years of private school education helped me figure that in 45 minutes there are 270 sets of 10 second blocks. At 20 steps per block, I walked a total of 5400 steps. I do this 5 times a week so that's 27000 steps a week.

That's a lot of times to do anything in a week other than breathe in or blink eyes. I don't think I do many things that often in a normal week. I've flown 27000 miles in a week before but that's not something to brag about in most crowds. I've probably eaten 27000 calories before in a week in a previous time of my life. I bet I've not expressed my love to Christ or my wife or my kids 27000 times in a week but I'd sure like to try. That sounds kinda fun actually.

Anyway, just thinking this morning about the number 27000...