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Saturday, September 01, 2007

I love Grass!

Easy there reader. I love cutting grass. I missed the smell and feel and act of cutting grass so much while we lived in Russia. One spring I almost bought a German made lawn mower and cut the grass in our apartment building's court yard. I ended up not doing it but I sure wish I would have.

One of the great joys of my role as father to three sons is teaching them to do things on their own. I gotta be honest though...I might teach them to cut the grass at our house but I think I'll always prefer to do it myself. I just enjoy it that much!

Why? One reason is that while cutting grass it is one of the few times (ok, only time) that I am without a mobile phone, PDA, mp3 player, or TV. I just get lost in thought...thoughts about being a man, a husband, father, missionary, sports fan, son, brother, and on and on. The really great thing is that I don't have to push myself at all to move into this mode. It just happens.

Another reason is that it reminds of so many great memories as a young man. As a 14 year old, I once earned almost $4000 in one summer cutting grass. I had a sign and a trailor and little company called "U Gro It, I Mow It". Man I loved those days. I remember Dad bringing home a Snapper riding mower from my grandfather's farm sale in middle TN. I remember "not being able to start" a mower one time only to have my father say "I'll give you $5 if you start it on the next pull." I did and he did. I'll never forget that.

Anyway...that's me...a lover of grass!



Blogger Jon Owen said...

As one who suffers from severe allergies, I must say, you're on your own with this one. I'm glad you like it. If I ever get some grass of my own, I know who to call.

However, I can relate. I experience the same "escape" when I'm driving. I drove a buddy from Nashville, to IL and home to ATL 020374a few weeks ago. 12 hours driving in one day. So I know how much and why you appreciate that "happy place" of yours.

4:29 PM

Blogger Kimberly said...

When I bought my first house a few years ago, I had a hand-me-down lawnmower. I looked at my 1/2 acre with fear. I started it up; I felt so... independent. But then my mom and brother stared in horror as I treated the lawnmower like a vacuum cleaner, going back and forth over a section. I now mow in neat rows. =)

5:30 PM

Blogger preacherman said...

I like the smell of fresh cut grass. Sometimes it makes me sneeze though. Being a minister a very small church I have to cut the grass so, if you like to cut the grass for me, you are more than welcome. :-) I know Forrest Gump loved to cut the grass.

On another note, I wanted you to know that I really enjoy your blog. It's great and I am looking forward to reading future posts. I love for you to also check out my blog anytime and add your thoughts to any discussion at anytime. Again, great blog. When I have good days, I working on sermons, post new blog, read blogs I like and comment on those I enjoy. I hope you have a great week. God bless.
In Him,
Kinney Mabry

2:00 PM

Blogger daniel said...

After returning from missionary work in Ukraine in the mid-'90's, I worked for a landscaping business in Nashville. I really enjoyed it when the boss would drop me to do a job and leave me to get it done. Working at my own pace, seeing immediate results and getting lost in thought was great. I composed some "great sermons" on those days. I totally understand you.

2:18 AM


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