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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Enough about travel stuff...

My head is hurting from the details of last weekend. Let's move on with a few random observations from Rob...

  • Writing about your mom on your blog generates MAJOR traffic. I've been linked to and contacted more about this than anything I ever write about myself. Note to self: write more about Mom!
  • When we landed in Atlanta last Tuesday evening, my son Nate set foot on the ground in the U.S. during the month of July for the first time in his life. He's never been, in 5 Julys, in the U.S. one single day. Pretty neat, eh?
  • I know of a guy in Novosibirsk who makes $300 a month as an electrician. He is selling his apartment, which is in a primo location in the center of the city and was given to him 20 years ago by the state, to some friends of ours for...get this...$600,000. Real Estate, for now, is a great, great investment in Russia.
  • Man vs. Wild is the best TV show of the last 5 years in my book. It alone makes having cable worth the overpriced price.
  • I have been on the road for 47% of my 2 month old daughter's life. She was born on May 24 and I was gone just about a month so obviously the numbers are a bit skewed. As each day goes by I gain a few % points.

Nothing deep. Just some casual observations this Sunday night from east of Atlanta.



Blogger Kimberly said...

1. Cool about Nate. (I was with him in his 2nd July!!!) =)
2. Mouth dropped at the price of this guy's apt. Wow!
3. Man vs. wild- my little bro agrees with you. But I just can't watch a man wrap his head in pee and drink it! Ew!!!

4:24 PM


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