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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Road Warriors

There is no real reason for this post. I'm in Russia again and, while that is exciting, it is really not a good enough reason yet to update the blog. The two guys I travel with though are just fun enough to travel with that this alone might (MIGHT) be reason to do what I'm doing right now. Simply put, Atlanta to Novosibirsk is an exhausting trip. No way around it. Two straight nights of sleeping on planes, long layovers that are at best mildly uncomfortable, and the constant temptation to just lie down wherever you are and enter REM sleep immediately. Fortunately, for me and the viewers of this entry, my two buddies did just that on the most recent trip. Without further words, here they are in all their traveling glory:

(our brave leader)

(he directs all operations)


Anonymous PB said...

Dog gone! if Hennessey didn't get a whole row to himself on an international flight??...Did he pray for that? That is awesome... you gotta love Luthansa!!

10:45 PM

Blogger Rob said...

It was from FRA to SVO only but still that's a 4 hour jaunt. Apparently, Greg only prayed for a wall and a pillow to lean up against since that's all he got. I was stretched out on the exit row about 15 rows up (while I was not wandering around the cabin taking pictures like these). Hee hee hee...

7:12 AM

Blogger Lovell's Lookout said...

Rob- I LOVE GREGG PERRY. Please send him my e-mail if you get a chance:
what a great team...

3:14 PM


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